Qantas Health

Support Qantas passengers in reaching their personal health goals.

We worked in close collaboration with Qantas’ Digital, Entertainment and Innovation divisions to ideate and develop a range of territories to help improve passengers’ flying experience. Our strategic focus was to investigate how scalable digital experiences could benefit passengers in all classes – premiumising economy travel. 30 territories and solutions were identified, with one territory selected for production – imagine never having to worry about jet lag again.

We developed an iOS and Apple Watch app in consultation with Qantas’ medical teams that helped passengers to plan their time in the air and optimise their health and wellbeing while they fly. We used data from every international Qantas flight to develop a selection of tailored plans that would allow passengers to choose how to spend their time in flight – whether maximising rest before arrival or helping business travellers get in-flight work done more efficiently. The app enabled passengers to plan and track their health across all stages of air travel – before departure, in the air and after they landed in their destination. The app offered a human-centred experience that supported Qantas’ passengers in reaching their personal health goals through a simple and clean visual design and smart notifications that makes following their tailored health plan easy.

  • Art Direction
  • Design Lead
  • Research & Develeopment Support
  • UX Support