P&O Cruises

Personalised content, customisable cruise planner and immersive visual experience.

This is a concept we created for an end to end user experience: from planning your trip to being on board your cruise. Everyones idea of a holiday is different, from singles, couples to families. We created a site with content that responds to who you are and what you’re searching for in your holiday.

Naturally the site layout responds to your browser size and viewing device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

P&O Cruises
  • Lead Design
  • Art Direction
  • User Experience Support


Planning Your Trip

Personalised content is displayed to you based on your search history.

For example, couples are displayed content for couples related searches, families are displayed content for family-related searches.

This was executed through the use of enticing full-bleed imagery, which gave the user an immersive visual experience.


We simplified the discovery process into 4 main call to actions available from the homepage. Using a light-box overlay feature, the user is guided to help make a decision on their holiday. The light-box feature gives the user more information on their desired something before being taken away into a new area of the site.

Find And Book

Made Booking process quicker and simpler.

Simplify user experience. Eliminate extra pages – Encourages user to begin exploring.

Minimal colour palette, complimentary colours for actioned items. Simple direct hierarchy to help guide user down the process.

The Onboard Experience

The app is your onboard wingman, helping you customise your holiday on-the-go.

Whilst enjoying your cocktail you can check the menus and schedule of an onboard restaurant and book a table.

Or if you’re tired of entertaining your kids, book them onboard kids activities.